Brendan’s style is a strong blend of photojournalism and creative portraiture. His unique understanding and experience in creative lighting are often the reasons why clients choose him to capture their wedding over another photographer. If you are interested in discussing your wedding day with Brendan, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Brendan

What is your background & experience?
Brendan earned his Bachelor’s of Science with highest distinction from Purdue University in Sales Management and Entrepreneurship. He has shot over 100 weddings spanning from Indianapolis, Indiana to Key West, Florida.

What is your style?
Brendan covers weddings by combining photojournalism with creative portraiture. Most of the day Brendan will capture the events as they occur while introducing unique backgrounds, lighting, and casual instruction for creative shots you are sure not to find in your parents’ albums. With the exception of family formals and creative portraits of the bride & groom, the vast majority of the day will be captured with a photo-journalistic style. Brendan will not make you stop and pose during the cake cutting and prefers to allow the bride and groom to enjoy their wedding day with the peace of mind that Brendan’s experience and creativity will capture your wedding to illustrate the real joy and real emotions of the day. His mantra has always been that the pictures do the talking.

What equipment do you use and do you have backups?
Brendan uses top of the line Nikon Digital cameras, lenses, and flashes. The equipment is built for strenuous use and his cameras shoot to two memory cards meaning if for any reason one fails, you have a backup. He also has multiple backup cameras and equipment in the case of an emergency. Rest assured your pictures are safe and you have complete peace of mind when it comes to your wedding pictures.


What are your prices?
Brendan’s wedding coverage begins at $1,500 and full-resolution images are included in all wedding packages. Please get in touch by calling 317-513-6090 or emailing him at to get more information.

What are your travel fees?
Weddings within 90 minutes of Indianapolis have no fees. Weddings outside of 90 minutes are $0.50/mile + $50/hour. Weddings more than 120 minutes require overnight accommodation in addition to travel fees.

Do I have to pay sales tax?
As of November 2011, you are not required to pay sales tax in Indiana on your wedding photography services. All other sales taxes will be charged in accordance to the state in which the wedding is being held.

What is your payment policy?
The payment schedule will be discussed during your consultation with Brendan. If you have specific questions, please fill out the form below.

General Information

Do we get the full-resolution images? Are they all edited? Turnaround time?
Yes. You will receive a DVD & Copyright Release with all edited, full-resolution images. All images are edited for color and contrast enhancement, sharpening, and occasional special effects. You will receive a variety of Color, Black & White, and Toned images. It typically takes 4 weeks for wedding pictures to be ready.

Can I use the pictures however I’d like?
Yes. You will receive full-resolution images with copyright release allowing you to use the pictures as you please. Once you receive the CD the pictures are yours. You may use the images on the web or for print–or any other way imaginable.

Can our families & friends view and purchase the images?
Yes. You will receive a password-protected private gallery with all edited images for family & friends to browse and order both digital files and prints at their discretion. You will also be featured on the blog in which family and friends can enjoy a Sneak Peek just days after your wedding.

Do we get the raw files?
No. Brendan does not release the raw images. Many images are taken throughout the day to ensure each important moment is captured. Those that are duplicates, catch people in bad expressions, or are otherwise unusable are not stored in an archive.

Do you backup the images?
Yes. All images are stored in multiple locations both on site and off site. This ensures your images are archived and can be accessed at a later date if needed.

Do you have a second photographer?
Brendan shoots every wedding solo unless you would like to add a second photographer. Brendan finds weddings with more than 300 guests typically need a second photographer to effectively capture the reception. While Brendan is able to confidently capture every wedding, some couples still choose to have a second photographer.

How do you design albums?
You will have two options for album design. The first is having Brendan design the album 100% and provide you with the final version. The other option is to choose your top 75 images and to have Brendan send you the design layouts for approval.

What happens if you…well, die or something?
One thing is for certain, if Brendan dies he will NOT be able to attend your wedding (but will send you a gift for good measure). In all seriousness, given the nature of weddings, Brendan would have to be unable to walk not to be at your wedding. Nonetheless, in the event Brendan wakes up with no legs, he has multiple professional photographers available to call to ensure your wedding images are not compromised.

Do you use flash?
Brendan does NOT use flash during ceremony’s to ensure that there are no distractions or disruptions. Brendan does use flashes for lighting family formals and for unique lighting of creative portraits. During the reception it is common Brendan will use multiple flashes for lighting dances, toasts, and other events. He is very good at creating uniquely lit images utilizing flashes.

How many images will we receive?
You will receive anywhere between 200-500 fully edited images ready for use. The number is directly correlated to the amount of coverage you choose.

What do you wear?
Brendan wears business attire to each wedding. If your wedding is in July, he may bypass the suit jacket but will be in black dress pants, dress shirt and tie.

Do you visit the ceremony or reception site?
Generally, yes. Brendan scouts the sites to gather ideas and determine locations. He also looks to meet any key players in organizing and coordinating the wedding day events. This is sometime done with clients while other times he will scout alone.

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