Indianapolis Wedding Coordinators

Indianapolis Wedding Coordinator Recommendations

If you are looking for a wedding planner or coordinator, below are ones I would highly recommend. Also, in case you are new to the scene or just otherwise unaware, there is a difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator. Angel Swanson says it best:

“A wedding planner is a seasoned professional who can confidently guide you through the entire wedding planning process. From engagement to the grand exit, they are your experienced guides in the world of all things wedding! Although there are levels of service you can commission with a wedding planner, most will assist you (at least to some degree) with venue selection, vendor referrals, production of a detailed checklist of things to do, production of a detailed day-of timeline and communication with all vendors leading up to the big day. They help you plot the course down the aisle and are there to answer questions all along the way. Often a wedding planner will also have a hand in event design. They will proffer ideas and inspiration for the “look and feel” of your event and help you secure vendors who will contribute to that cohesive vision.

A wedding coordinator, by contrast, is not necessarily deeply involved with the wedding plans. Their primary function is to facilitate a smooth-running event on the wedding day itself. They often jump into the picture a month or so before the wedding to gather key information and create a timeline. They may help you iron out final details and contact your vendors to confirm contract obligations. On the day-of, they run the show and ensure that things go according to plan.”

My recommendations are for wedding coordinators. These are for couples who want to plan their own wedding, but also want to have a competent professional ensure everything runs smoothly.

Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination

Jessica Dum
p. 317.809.7133

Indianapolis Wedding Coordinator Jessica Dum

Randi L. Neukam: On Point Events & Design

Randi Neukam
p. 317-473-5418

On Point Events Wedding Coordination Indianapolis Randi Neukam

On Point Events & Design: Randi Neukam


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