Indianapolis DJs

I have a lot of couples ask me for DJ recommendations. I typically am very cautious before endorsing anyone (I am not paid to endorse anyone). With that said, I’ve been to a lot of weddings and I’ve been privileged to work with some great DJs. Below are a list of DJs that I would recommend. These are DJs that I trust, have worked with before, and are competent professionals that will keep your reception in good hands (no, All State is not paying me either!). My advice for choosing a DJ is to recognize what role they play at your wedding. Below are the key roles DJs play at a wedding and what I recommend you look for when considering your DJ.

Important Things To Look For In A DJ

1. Interaction/Personality – DJs typically will announce the bridal party during introductions and make announcements to guests; you want him/her to be fun, charismatic, and enjoyable to listen to!
2. Reception Coordinator – DJs are often the ones that will run the reception from beginning to end, so ensuring a DJ can keep things on time is important when making your decision
3. Music Selection – You want your DJ to not only work with you on your music selection, but also understand your personality as to play music that makes sense to who you are and who your guests are.

DJ Recommendations

Jim Cerone

Jim Cerone
p. 317-845-0749

Jim Cerone DJ Indianapolis

Sunny Moon

Sunny Moon
p. 317-501-6666

Sunny Moon Indianapolis DJ


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